Happy Monday from our friends at Hawkswood!
over 2 years ago, Michelle Moro
Class 14 read the fictional fairy tale, "Gingerbread Man." After reading together as a class, the students built a real gingerbread house and decorated it for the holiday season!
over 2 years ago, Andrew Orefice, Ed.D
student making gingerbread house
gingerbread house
Buddy Day fun photos continue!! Classes 3w and 7w read about gingerbread jobs, and made their own gingerbread people. The group played a game at the SMART Board answering questions about what they read so they could dress their gingerbread person. They also made gingerbread play dough. Everyone had fun making new friends! Awesome job, kiddos!
over 2 years ago, Andrew Orefice, Ed.D
students making gingerbread men on the SMART board
Class 7 and Class 10 enjoyed Buddy Day. The students watched a video about Seasons and the Earth and learned about winter weather. Afterwards, the students measured and stirred the ingredients to make their own "snow". Everyone hypothesized how it would feel. They each touched the snow to see if they were right in their guess. Great job, all!
over 2 years ago, Andrew Orefice, Ed.D
students making their own snow in science class
Students from 4w and 5w enjoying activities and time together for Buddy Day last week!
over 2 years ago, Andrew Orefice, Ed.D
two students and a teacher
Class 14 wanted to start off the new school year on a positive note! Students walked around the school greeting friends and staff members - the chalk board was a fun idea that we got from our presenter, "Stand Tall Steve!" The students of Class 14 would like to wish a Happy School Year to the entire Hawkswood community!
over 2 years ago, Andrew Orefice
Student holding "Hey You good morning" sign
YES IT IS! Thank you for the reminder, Class 3! Today is a good day to.... Make good choices, be kind, listen, be you, help a friend... and the list goes on!
over 2 years ago, Andrew Orefice
Today is a Good Day to... poster