In October, the United States commemorates National Disability Employment Awareness Month by recognizing the contributions and innovations of persons with disabilities to the workforce. Here, at Hawkswood School, we celebrate our students' accomplishments everyday. Pictured are just a few of our interns hard at work at Work Based Learning positions. Nice work out in the community!
3 days ago, Michelle Moro
Class 127 has been working on the three forms of matter in Science. The students conducted an experiment about the subject matter. They mixed vinegar in a bottle bottom and had a balloon filled with baking soda on top to see the chemical reaction. Students made predictions on whether or not the balloon would inflate and saw whether or not their predictions were correct. Nice work!
8 days ago, Michelle Moro
The students in W135 celebrated International Dot Day earlier this month. They read “The Dot” as a group. Each student then chose if they wanted to make a dot or not a dot, according to the book. W135made a community poster of dots to “make our mark.” Excellent work, W135!
10 days ago, Michelle Moro
dot day
Class 156 had did an excellent job making choices and voting on a class activity. The students voted on Apple Stamping! Hope you like our photos of this messy, but fun thematic/seasonal activity! Great job, all!
20 days ago, Michelle Moro
Last week our staff had a variety of professional development activities, including a presentation by "Stand Tall" Steve Bollar. It was outstanding! Today, we welcomed our students back and are so excited for the year ahead!
30 days ago, Michelle Moro
Class 127 learned about the History of Ice Cream during Social Studies. After learning about the spread and development of ice cream, the students made their own sundaes. Great work on a hot summer day!
about 2 months ago, Michelle Moro
The Hawkswood Arts Integration Team attended a 3 day "Arts Integration Leadership Institute" in Princeton. The content and workshops were invigorating and rewarding - we are so excited to bring back what we learned! And you to our coach, Kira!
3 months ago, Michelle Moro
table 2
Class 129 followed a recipe to make french fries. The students worked on daily living skills including identifying, measuring, and cutting the ingredients. Great job, all!
4 months ago, Michelle Moro
french fries
Show your school spirit starting on Monday!
7 months ago, Michelle Moro
Class 163 participated in a "Read the Room Vocabulary Hunt" as a thematic/spring literacy activity. The vocabulary words were posted around the room while students had to search for the words that matched those on their list. Each student was assigned a sheet, and once they matched all the words on their own list, they'd switch sheets with a friend and continue the hunt. Great job, everyone!
7 months ago, Michelle Moro
Happy Monday from Class 156!
7 months ago, Michelle Moro
cat hat
Congrats to one of our very own students for her hard work! Please see below for the appreciation Lunch Break has shown her.
7 months ago, Michelle Moro
Hawkswood School continues to celebrate Black History Month. Students in Class 110 researched various individuals throughout history and created an informational collage wall within their classrooms to share what they learned. Excellent job by all! Happy Weekend!
7 months ago, Michelle Moro
cl 1
As part of Class 112's study of Black History Month, the students worked to recreate Crum's Saratoga Chip, learned about Latimer's improvement to the electric light, and read The Patchwork Path which told the story of how pictures can be used to give messages or tell a story. They learned about Alma Woodsey Thomas and created artwork in the spirit of her artistic style. Hope you enjoy looking at the creative process of Class 112!
8 months ago, Michelle Moro
Get your Hawkswood School Spirit Wear!
8 months ago, Michelle Moro
Class 135 celebrated Chinese New Year last week. 2022 is the year of the tiger which represents strength, courage and bravery.
8 months ago, Michelle Moro
cl 7
cl 7 activity
Hawkswood School will have a 90 minute delayed opening on Monday, January 31st. Be safe!
8 months ago, Michelle Moro
Class 127 conducted a science experiment with apples. The students placed apples in water, vinegar, lemon juice, or an empty bowl, and waited certain amounts of time to see how each liquid affected the fruits' appearance. Students made predictions on which liquid would make the fruits' appearance change the most. Awesome science experiment!
9 months ago, Michelle Moro
Hawkswood School will be closed on Friday, January 7th due to inclement weather. Enjoy the weekend, stay safe!
9 months ago, Michelle Moro
Last month, students in Art Class learned all about Vincent Van Gogh; they combined the two famous paintings - Starry Night and Sunflower - to create their own Van Gogh inspired painting. Beautiful work!
9 months ago, Michelle Moro