Hawkswood students hard at work conducting a science experiment on how liquids can change a solid. Using teddy grahams, the class placed a cookie in each of the following bowls - one that had water, another vinegar, a third option was oil, and finally, a bowl with no liquid. The class made predictions on which liquid would affect the cookie the most, and after 5 minutes, each student checked the cookies. After an additional 5 minutes, the cookies were checked again for any changes. After the experiment, the cookies were touched to feel for any changes that couldn't be seen. Excellent work by all!
2 days ago, Michelle Moro
sci 2
sci 3
The students in 112 learned about corn in science. The first week, they learned about the physical change that turns a corn kernel into popped corn and compared and contrasted making popcorn on the stove and in the microwave. The next week, they learned about mass (that matter takes up space) and volume (the amount of space an object takes up). In the final week, they investigated whether or not you could build a structure using popcorn. This was a a fun and tasty STEAM activity (science, technology, engineering, art and math). Great job to all!
6 days ago, Michelle Moro
During a Science lesson, Class W129 built their own boats and tested each to see if they would float. Awesome work by all!
19 days ago, Michelle Moro
The rainbow photo was a project Class 163 did about "World Kindness Day" which is celebrated on November 13, 2021. They watched a brief video about a character who was making unkind choices throughout his day. Students decided on kind alternatives to the choices. When watching the rest of the video, the class found out that he actually did decide to make kinder choices. Then, they briefly touched upon the "Be a Rainbow in Someone Else's Cloud" poem by Maya Angelou; each student made a cloud, switched with a classmate, and created their rainbows in someone else's cloud. Each craft is a combination of efforts by two classmates. What a wonderful job, all!
24 days ago, Michelle Moro
Class 127 made predictions about chemical reactions that would happen when you mix paint, water, baking soda, and some pumpkin insides together with vinegar. The students also worked on measuring the correct amounts and pouring. Great job, all! Happy Halloween weekend!
about 1 month ago, Michelle Moro
October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month! According to an article from the Rutgers School of Public Health, in April of 2012, New Jersey became the 14th state in the country to adopt policies establishing it as an Employment First state. According to the State Employment Leadership Network (SELN), which is comprised of state intellectual and developmental disabilities agencies: Employment First is a state-level approach to disability services. It means that employment is considered the option of choice for citizens with disabilities, rather than placement in a sheltered workshop, a day habilitation program, or another segregated or non-inclusive setting. Hawkswood School celebrates our young adults who work within school and out in the community. Wonderful work by all!
about 1 month ago, Michelle Moro
Class 113 turned the upcoming holiday into a science experiment! Check out their pumpkin volcano - how cool!
about 1 month ago, Michelle Moro
Preschool completed several different activities throughout Hispanic Heritage Month. Some of the activities that took place were reading a story, listening to music, playing the guitar, and creating their own guitars and music notes. Awesome work, preschoolers!
about 2 months ago, Michelle Moro
Room 112 has been busy learning about Hispanic Heritage. They worked on this theme throughout Hispanic Heritage Month and participated in an Arts Integration unit that combined what they learned about Guatemalan Worry Dolls with their love of fidgets. In Guatemala, people tell their worries to small dolls that they leave under their pillows. They learned that it is important to talk about the things that worry you or make you feel nervous. Everyone in 112 has something that they like to request to help them feel better. Then, they took that a step farther and made their own Worry Fidgets. Everyone was very creative and there wasn’t a “worry” to be found in the room all day!
about 2 months ago, Michelle Moro
Class 127 learned about the three branches of the US Government. They read about what each branch does and how they're all responsible for keeping the other branches balanced. Pictured are Constitution trees with the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches. Great work!
2 months ago, Michelle Moro
127 2
One of our friends conducted an experiment making an apple volcano! He chose his lava color to be pink and enjoyed watching the chemical reaction as he used a dropper to add vinegar to the baking soda. Great job!
2 months ago, Michelle Moro
Throughout ESY, the students had fun learning about an artist named Keith Haring; take a look at their artist inspired creations! Students used a variety of art supplies, including paper mache, and different textures in their art.
3 months ago, Michelle Moro
Happy Monday! A beautiful start to another summer week - make it a good one!
4 months ago, Michelle Moro
It's National Ice Cream Month! Did you know that July was declared National Ice Cream Month in 1984? Class 14 read about the history of ice cream, followed a recipe, and got to make fresh vanilla ice cream! Cooling off on these hot ESY days! Enjoy the weekend - and grab some ice cream!!!
5 months ago, Michelle Moro
One of our Class 12 students hard at work in Music Class!
5 months ago, Michelle Moro
Welcome Back, everyone!!! Hoping you all had a wonderful first week of ESY - Enjoy the weekend!
5 months ago, Michelle Moro
Congratulations to our 8th Grade graduates who participated in virtual ceremonies today!! Wonderful job by all!!
6 months ago, Michelle Moro
Class 7w is working on a science unit on butterflies. They reviewed fun facts, including that the wings are symmetrical. Then, they built their own butterflies with pattern blocks. Everyone had fun making their own butterfly to show. Great job 7w!
7 months ago, Michelle Moro
7w science
Gone Fishing! Great job to our Class 1w friend who is working hard in therapy!
7 months ago, Michelle Moro
Working on fine motor skills.
Hawkswood School will be closed Tuesday, February 2nd, due to inclement weather. Be safe!
10 months ago, Michelle Moro