Get excited for Spirit Week!
7 days ago, Michelle Moro
Don't forget, tomorrow is Early Dismissal and PD Day for staff!
16 days ago, Hawkswood School
Class 127 has been learning about the Arctic Habitat and its wildlife this month. They learned about Narwhals, Beluga Whales, and Arctic Foxes. Specifically, the three animals are all mammals despite not all living on land or water. The students learned about the animals' life spans and diets as well. After that, Class 127 made a "Blizzard in a Jar" where they measured water, baby oil, added drops of food coloring, and broke Alka Seltzer tablets into the mixture to observe a chemical reaction. Good Work.
19 days ago, Michelle Moro
Students in class 163 are learning about different holidays and traditions honored during the month of December. Last week was about Hanukkah. Students were asked to locate tools, materials, and ingredients from around the room, as they were listed on the recipe. They also helped grate potatoes, add ingredients to the batter, and taste the latkes. Students got to complete a recipe review afterwards showing which ingredients were used, if they liked it, if the recipe was easy to follow, and if they would like to make it again. Excellent job by all!
about 2 months ago, Michelle Moro
Class W143 read a story about the first Thanksgiving Day Parade. Each student created their own balloon for the parade by requesting materials and then commenting on the activity! The class walked by the New York City streets to music and had so much fun! Excellent work to all! From all of us here at Hawkswood School to you and yours - a Happy and Healthy holiday weekend! Enjoy.
3 months ago, Michelle Moro
Class 170 did an Arts Integration lesson with Miss Monique. They learned about the parts of a leaf and created two mosaics. The first lesson was a nature walk to collect the leaves and identify the real parts of a leaf. Next, the students learned about mosaics and each student made a mosaic with the leaves they collected. Lastly, each student made a mosaic out of colored paper and labeled the parts of a leaf. Beautiful work!
3 months ago, Michelle Moro
Please enjoy some photos from the Halloween Parade Day!
3 months ago, Michelle Moro
A wonderful in-person Halloween parade for the first time in a while! Stay tuned for student photos!! They are all rolling in 🎃 Enjoy and be safe!
3 months ago, Michelle Moro
Autism NJ Conference in Atlantic City. Stop by our table today and tomorrow to hear about how we transform lives everyday! Great to be here!
4 months ago, Michelle Moro
Each year and beginning in 2011 (after the adoption of the NJ anti-bullying law), the first full week in October is designated as the Week of Respect in NJ schools. The Peace symbols are visual representations of our quote for Respect Week: "We all have a hand in making peace and giving respect." Great job by all staff and students who contributed to these projects!
4 months ago, Michelle Moro
In October, the United States commemorates National Disability Employment Awareness Month by recognizing the contributions and innovations of persons with disabilities to the workforce. Here, at Hawkswood School, we celebrate our students' accomplishments everyday. Pictured are just a few of our interns hard at work at Work Based Learning positions. Nice work out in the community!
4 months ago, Michelle Moro
Class 127 has been working on the three forms of matter in Science. The students conducted an experiment about the subject matter. They mixed vinegar in a bottle bottom and had a balloon filled with baking soda on top to see the chemical reaction. Students made predictions on whether or not the balloon would inflate and saw whether or not their predictions were correct. Nice work!
4 months ago, Michelle Moro
The students in W135 celebrated International Dot Day earlier this month. They read “The Dot” as a group. Each student then chose if they wanted to make a dot or not a dot, according to the book. W135made a community poster of dots to “make our mark.” Excellent work, W135!
5 months ago, Michelle Moro
dot day
Class 156 had did an excellent job making choices and voting on a class activity. The students voted on Apple Stamping! Hope you like our photos of this messy, but fun thematic/seasonal activity! Great job, all!
5 months ago, Michelle Moro
Last week our staff had a variety of professional development activities, including a presentation by "Stand Tall" Steve Bollar. It was outstanding! Today, we welcomed our students back and are so excited for the year ahead!
5 months ago, Michelle Moro
Class 127 learned about the History of Ice Cream during Social Studies. After learning about the spread and development of ice cream, the students made their own sundaes. Great work on a hot summer day!
6 months ago, Michelle Moro
The Hawkswood Arts Integration Team attended a 3 day "Arts Integration Leadership Institute" in Princeton. The content and workshops were invigorating and rewarding - we are so excited to bring back what we learned! And you to our coach, Kira!
7 months ago, Michelle Moro
table 2
Class 129 followed a recipe to make french fries. The students worked on daily living skills including identifying, measuring, and cutting the ingredients. Great job, all!
8 months ago, Michelle Moro
french fries
Show your school spirit starting on Monday!
11 months ago, Michelle Moro
Class 163 participated in a "Read the Room Vocabulary Hunt" as a thematic/spring literacy activity. The vocabulary words were posted around the room while students had to search for the words that matched those on their list. Each student was assigned a sheet, and once they matched all the words on their own list, they'd switch sheets with a friend and continue the hunt. Great job, everyone!
11 months ago, Michelle Moro