Related Services

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Related Services at Hawkswood include Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Social Work. Our therapists are highly skilled within their discipline with a commitment to continuing education to maintain effective, evidence-based interventions. All of our clinicians work within the collaborative model, providing therapy within the natural environment to provide the most functional outcomes for our students. Our therapists provide pull out therapy as needed for skill development. Related Services comprise an integral part of our school community as they infuse their interventions into the daily lives of our students. Visit each discipline below to learn more.

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Speech-Language Pathology

Social Work

Speech-Language Pathology at Hawkswood

Our Speech-Language Specialists all hold Master’s Degrees in Speech-Language Pathology and are ASHA certified clinicians (CCC-SLP). In addition, they are school certified and certified through the Department of Consumer Affairs as Speech-Language Specialists. Hawkswood School’s Speech-Language Specialists are a dynamic team.

Our SLPS provide state of the art services in speech/articulation, apraxia, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), feeding/dysphagia, language, social/pragmatics, hearing loss, fluency, and auditory processing. Our therapists are committed to evidence-based interventions and are highly trained and skilled clinicians. Our trainings include: Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), PROMPT, SOS Feeding, and Stockton University AAC Certification. In addition, our therapists seek out continuing education opportunities targeted to our specific populations.

Our SLPs are committed to supporting our students to be functional and self-expressed. Our highest priority is that all of our students have an effective means of communication regardless of any of their challenges. Communication is at the heart of all human interaction and the Speech-Language Department helps to realize communication potential in their students. Our SLPS provide individual, dyad, and group therapy as well as co-treats with other disciplines. Our SLPS are part of our collaborative model and work with students in the classroom, during in-house jobs, at community-based interventions, as well as at job sites to provide real time, relevant interventions. Our collaboration also extends to our families to support our students as effective communicators across school and home. Our SLPs offer trainings to staff and families as needed.

Our SLPs and OTs collaborate on two clinics including Assistive Technology Clinic and Feeding Clinics. Both of these clinics are focused on providing more comprehensive interventions in the specific areas of Augmentative Communication or Feeding. Our therapists have expertise in these two challenging areas and are able to impart their knowledge and intervention throughout the school. Our SLPs are an integral part of the Hawkswood Community and embrace the joy of working with our students for their speech, language, social and feeding goals.

Occupational Therapy At Hawkswood:

Occupational Therapy at Hawkswood is a collaborative treatment model, helping students to generalize skills gained during therapy sessions across all context of learning. All Occupational Therapists at Hawkswood are registered and licensed with the state of New Jersey and have obtained a school certification. Our therapists seek out continuing education opportunities targeted to our specific populations and are committed to evidence-based interventions.

Occupational Therapy sessions are unique to each students learning experience and skill level. Our OT’s provide individual, group, and consultative therapy as well as co-treats with other disciplines. Sessions focus on fostering functional skills to further our students' level of independence across all areas of development. Each student’s goals are individualized and student-centered.

Here at Hawkswood School, Occupational Therapists are able to provide individualized sensory programs, fine motor programs, mealtime modifications, customized functional splinting, and various other program activities to encourage self-regulation and expand our students' level of independence for mealtime and classroom participation.

Therapy sessions also focus on increasing independence with daily living skills, life skills, and vocational tasks to prepare our students for life after 21.

All therapists are available to provide parents training as needed helping to bridge the connection from school to the home environment, allowing our students to further their independence across all context.

Snoezelen Sensory Stimulation

Snoezelen Room is a multi-sensory environment where students explore interactive stations that stimulate the primary senses of sight, sound, touch, and smell.

The environment is structured to provide a multi-sensory experience or single sensory focus. Snoezelen Therapy allows students to learn from cause-effect activities at their own pace and own level.

The word Snoezelen comes from a combination of 2 Dutch words: snuffelen, which means to seek out/explore and doezelen, which means to relax.

The positive benefits of Snoezelen Therapy include;

reducing unwanted behaviors

building trust/ rapport

improving task concentration

enhancing social interactions/communication skills

promoting relaxation

reducing stereotypic self-stimulatory behavior

Physical Therapy at Hawkswood

Physical Therapy is one of the related services provided at Hawkswood School to support the Individualized Education Programs (IEP) of our students when their difficulties interfere with accessing their education. All Physical Therapists at Hawkswood school are registered and licensed with the state of New Jersey and have obtained a school certification. Physical Therapists are movement experts who design and perform therapeutic interventions that focus on functional mobility. Strategies are used to adapt and promote efficient access and participation by students in their educational activities.

Physical therapists work collaboratively with our multidisciplinary team with the vision for our students to develop lifetime skills to use daily in school, in their home environment and with community-based vocational responsibilities. We promote health and wellness of our students through preventative programs including yoga, Pilates, step aerobics, and individual strengthening and endurance activities to prepare them for further education, employment and the transition to community living.

Specialized equipment and orthotics are supported during school use with weekly orthotic clinic visits and monthly seating/equipment clinics. These collaborative clinics are opportunities for the related services team to best identify the needs of the students with minimal disruption to their classroom learning. The physical therapist works closely with classroom staff and families in an effort to help our students achieve their IEP goals.


Assistive Technology Clinic

Hawkswood School’s Assistive Technology (AT) Clinic is an opportunity for our educational teams and families to collaborate with our Augmentative Communication Specialists, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists to problem solve the many challenges for students using alternative means to communicate. Many of our students are utilizing some form of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) including low- and high-technology devices, eye gaze, communication boards, voice-output switches, PECS, iPads, software, and others. This can present many challenges including access, vocabulary, lack of use, difficulty programming, lack of generalization across settings, and any other obstacles. The AT Clinic therapists interact with the students in their classrooms and work with the collaborative team to find solutions to the specific challenge. In addition, AT Clinic can help fit students with an appropriate communication system if none is present and various items including low- and high-technology systems. Accessories and software are available to be trialed with the student. If necessary, a full augmentative evaluation is conducted by the AT Team in cooperation with the student’s school district and/or private medical insurance free of charge. After the clinic session, the team creates a formal plan of action and follow-up sessions are conducted to monitor progress and ensure successful outcomes. Training for staff and families on specific communication systems is available. AT Clinic is committed to helping our students be self-expressed and functional communicators.

Feeding Clinic

Hawkswood School’s Feeding Clinic provides therapists, classroom staff and families an opportunity to collaborate and problem solve issues that a student may have during mealtimes. Areas that may be addressed include dysphagia, oral motor difficulties, sensory sensitivities/food textures, limited food repertoire, positioning, self-feeding and/or behavioral challenges. An individualized program is developed and implemented for each student. Follow-up sessions are conducted as needed to discuss the student’s success, and to make any adjustments to the program.

Equipment Clinic

Certified Assistive Technology providers from reputable companies come to Hawkswood School to meet with students, school district staff, family members, and therapists in order to help select the appropriate equipment for use at school or within the home. Equipment may include wheelchairs, strollers, bath chairs, walkers, and more. The Equipment Clinic allows students, caregivers, therapists, and families to see and experience equipment that will be used across many environments.