Referral and Admission

Hawkswood School works in conjunction with local school districts and parents to develop an individual educational plan (IEP), reflecting the student’s affective, emotional, cognitive, communication, and motor needs.

Students are typically referred by their local school district’s Child Study Team.

Child Study Team and parent visits to see the school program are scheduled throughout the year.

The process of admission begins when the local public school district sends student records, including the most recent evaluations and the student’s IEP. The student, parent(s) and case manager are then invited to visit Hawkswood School to observe the most appropriate class, given the student’s age and social-educational needs. At Hawkswood, we never screen a student out based on school records.

Admission to Hawkswood is a collaborative process in which the parent, the local school district and Hawkswood staff discuss the unique needs of the student and determine how the program at Hawkswood might meet those needs.

Consensus about admissions is generally reached within 24 hours.

As required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the district pays tuition and round-trip transportation. There is no cost to parents.