For lunch information during this school closure period, please contact your district

Hawkswood School Nutrition Program

Welcome to Hawkswood School Cafeteria where we promote healthy and educated food choices to last a lifetime. Our goal is to educate our students to become informed, health-minded individuals in today’s society.

Hawkswood School offers a full-service lunch program. We serve lunches that are familiar to students, food that they like to eat, healthfully prepared. We will provide an alternative lunch each day that will meet the documented dietary needs of individual students. In addition, the kitchen offers personalized meal planning. We will modify texture as needed including purees and various levels of chopped or soft-solid consistencies.

Our lunches meet all USDA, National School Lunch standards.

Hawkswood School is a nut free environment and all food brought in must be nut free. This measure has been taken to insure the safety and well-being of others who have nut allergies.

We are committed to supporting our students in developing healthy nutritional values.